Jamie Alden, A True Warrior at Ease

Jamie Alden, A True Warrior at Ease

I spent 15 of my 24 years in the military as a, “Green Beret,” a proud member of the United States Army Special Forces.  I am a combat veteran, a modern warrior, and a quiet professional.

I clearly remember the day when I took the oath, “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  I and my comrades took this oath freely, fully knowing the risks and sacrifices our nation would ask of us.  We love our nation, we love our fellow citizens, and we love each other.

I am often reminded of the sacrifices of my fallen comrades – Staff Sergeant Mike Simpson, Captain Dan Eggers, Captain Jeremy Chandler, CW2 Bruce Price, Sergeant First Class Mark Jackson, Lieutenant Colonel Todd Clark, Lieutenant Colonel Jaimie Leonard, and others.  I hold onto their memory, cherish our connection, and draw strength from their embodiment of selfless service, courage, and love.  No one understands sacrifice, love for country, and the importance of connection more than warriors and Gold Star Families (families of the fallen).

I have a daily yoga and meditation practice that has served me both at home and in a combat environment.  Mind-body practices have helped me to fully embrace the warrior I have become through my combat experiences and decades of service to our nation.

Fifteen years ago, as our combat experiences began, we never imagined that we were entering a war that has come to be the longest in the history of our nation.  
Regrettably, our nation’s wars will continue, and so will the deep wounds and the sacrifices.

I know Warriors at Ease is fully committed to supporting the health, healing, post traumatic growth, and resiliency of warriors and their families.  Your donation will help bring yoga and meditation to service members, veterans, military spouses, and care providers who collectively serve this nation.  I believe in the power of this work because I’ve experienced it personally, and I have seen the impact it has on my fellow warriors.

De Oppresso Liber,

Lieutenant Colonel James Alden, U.S. Army Retired


Lieutenant Colonel James Alden is a member of our Advisory Board.  Click here to learn more about him.


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