Kaitlin Daddona, A True Warrior at Ease

Kaitlin Daddona, A True Warrior at Ease

I am a First Lieutenant and have been in the Air Force for almost three years.  I am currently serving as a Public Affairs Officer at Hickam Air Force Base.  I joined after receiving a full-ride scholarship through ROTC at Boston University. When I began my Air Force journey was also when I began my yoga journey. The path of the military member was one I never imagined myself walking, but with my yoga practice, I was able to find this profound sense of belonging in my uniform.

As I was learning about the ins and outs of the military – how to shoot a gun, how to march in line, how to obey commands; I was also learning, through yoga, the ins and outs of who I was as a person – how to breathe, how to find comfort in solitude, and how to honor my true self. The yoga poses are simply an added bonus.  I am a proficient hand-stander, and putting my body into crazy flexible positions is cool, but it has been the incredible discipline of the mind, soul, and heart that has truly made me a better person, and thus, a better military officer.

First Lieutenant Kaitlin Daddona

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