Kristen Schoeffel, A True Warrior At Ease

Kristen Schoeffel, A True Warrior At Ease

I have been in the United States Air Force for almost three years and a military spouse for eight years. My husband is in the Marine Corps, serving in an infantry unit.

Yoga was a part of my life long before I enlisted in the military.  My passion for yoga inspired me to teach, and I’ve been doing so for the past six years.  Along the way, I also earned my masters degree in exercise science and health promotion.  I am in the process of training to become a fully certified Warriors at Ease (WAE) Teacher.  I’ve attended the Level 1 and 2  WAE Teacher training and completed the WAE course on “Teaching Yoga to Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma.”

I joined the military because I love my country, but also because I wanted to bring yoga to the military community.  I figured the best way to do it was from the inside.  I thought service members would be more comfortable coming to a yoga class taught by a fellow service member.  Since joining the military, I have been able to teach yoga to my unit as part of our physical fitness training as well as offer yoga classes to veterans in my local community.  Through my years of practice, extensive training and personal experience in the military, I know that yoga can make a real difference in the lives of service members and veterans.

Yoga is also extremely beneficial to military spouses and family members.  Being in a dual military marriage, we’ve endured lots of stress, numerous moves and frequent separations.  Yoga and meditation have served me well during stressful times as it gives me the opportunity to connect with my breath and come back to the present moment.  Without yoga and meditation, I’m honestly not sure how I would cope with all the stress of being a service member and a spouse of a Marine. Yoga is what keeps me sane when my husband is deployed!  It also helps me feel “at home” in mind, body, and spirit when I am far away from family and friends.

I am proud to be an airman, a military spouse and a Warriors at Ease teacher.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share yoga with other service members, veterans, and military families.  I look forward to completing my training and becoming a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher.

Senior Airman Kristen Schoeffel

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