Maija Gunderson, A True Warrior At Ease

Maija Gunderson, A True Warrior At Ease


I am an Aviation Structural Mechanic and have been in the Navy a little over five years.  I  began practicing yoga after my first deployment which was to the Persian Gulf on the USS Abraham Lincoln. I instantly fell in love with how it made me feel. Yoga helped me focus on breathing techniques, taught me how to be still, and how to get in tune with my mind and body.  Every practice I do is like hitting a reset button.  It’s a fresh start, both mentally and physically.  I believe yoga can be very beneficial for those striving to become mentally stronger as well as for those wanting to improve their muscular strength and flexibility. It can affect each person in a different, but in a positive way.

Yoga helps people be in the moment… a moment where you have nothing to worry about but yourself and what you want to get out of the practice.

Petty Officer Second Class Maija Gunderson


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