Yoga in Military and Veteran Communities

Yoga in Military and Veteran Communities

You may be surprised to know that yoga has become a practice embraced by many military service members and veterans.  If so, the pictures and stories we will share this Memorial Day weekend and on upcoming “Warriors at Ease Wednesdays” will give you a glimpse into a growing movement happening on military installations and in veteran communities across the globe.

The pictures included here, and others we’ll share in the coming days, are a collaboration with world renowned yoga photographer, Robert Sturman.  Robert’s expansive work includes celebrity yogis posing in stunning venues to African orphans practicing yoga in Kenya, to bare-chested breast cancer survivors.  Among his iconic work, are photographs he has created with warrior yogis.

Warriors at Ease was fortunate to collaborate with Robert Sturman on a project that features Hawaii military and veteran communities.  Hawaii is unique in that it is home to eleven military installations from all five branches of service and has one of the largest populations of Post 9-11 veterans in the U.S.  The headquarters of the United States Pacific Command, which comprises Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force service components, is located on Oahu.  There is also a large presence of Coast Guard in Hawaii who uniquely serve in many ways, including providing emergency response services to the island.  Residents, survivors and people throughout the world remember that Hawaii was the target of a surprise attack by Japan on December 7, 1941.  The attack on Pearl Harbor and other military installations on Oahu brought the United States into World War II.  The USS Missouri, the battleship upon which the Japanese ultimately surrendered to the U.S., now rests in Pearl Harbor facing the Arizona Memorial where it serves as a reminder of the battles fought as well as a symbol of the peace that now exists between warring nations of the past.

Thanks to the cooperation and support of four military installations, we were able to photograph service members and veterans in some of the most historic locations in modern military history.  Robert Sturman’s Hawaii Warrior at Ease portfolio is a powerful tribute to fallen heroes, those who currently work on island military installations as well as local veterans who continue to serve the community in profound ways.  All are warriors who have been positively impacted by the practices of yoga and meditation.


We especially thank Robert Sturman for the many hours of selfless service he gave to this project and for his continued commitment to raising awareness about yoga and meditation in military and veteran communities.

See more of his stunning work at  Follow him on Instagram @robertsturman and on Facebook to see more pictures from the Hawaii Warriors at Ease project.



Don’t miss inspiring stories about these and other “warriors at ease.”  We’ll be sharing their stories over Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, Veteran’s Day and all throughout the year for #WarriorsAtEaseWednesday.

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