Lynda Pedley | Certified Warriors At Ease Teacher |Ottawa, Canada

When Lynda completed her 500 hour Yoga teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness in Massachusetts in 2012, she took some quite time to connect with her essential values and reflect on what was calling her most at this stage in her evolution.  She had already been teaching Kripalu, yin and therapeutic/restorative yoga, as well as providing certified personal training services, for several years.  In addition, as an Integral Master CoachTM, and a Professional Certified Coach, with over 1400 hours of experience coaching people on a wide range of personal and professional change topics, Lynda was deeply connected with what matters to others and how they can get stuck in their own evolution.  She also came to realize that more of the same wasn’t going to feed her soul; and that serving the development and healing of others mattered deeply to her.

This realization guided Lynda to focusing her energy on programs designed for military personnel, veterans, first responders and others working in high stress environments; and for PTSD survivors, their care-givers and family members.  In 2013 she took trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and David Emerson of the Trauma Center of the Justice Resource Institute in Boston.

With a passion for learning, when Lynda found Warriors at Ease, she knew this was right for her.  Lynda is the first Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher in Canada’s Capital and only the second in the country to be certified to teach yoga and meditation in military communities.  For the past 2 years she has been leading trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation classes at the Ottawa Anxiety and Trauma Clinic and in her private studio.  Her classes are supported by Wounded Warriors Canada, and the Royal Canadian Legion.  Lynda continues to look for ways to expand this powerful approach in Canada, among other yoga teachers and within the military and first responder communities.

Always on a development path, Lynda is now in the midst of training as a Certified iRest Teacher®.  She plans to complete this process in 2016.  In the mean time, she has integrated iRest yoga nidra guided meditation into her restorative and trauma-sensitive yoga classes with results that continue to humble her.

In addition to her personal dedication to the well being of all persons, Lynda brings a unique, rich integration of skills and experience in resilience, flexibility and strength to offer a comprehensive and compassionate approach to empowering the whole person.

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