Yvette Menard – Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher, Comox, BC, CANADA

Yvette Menard - yoga teacher, certified warriors at ease teacher, Comox Valley, Canada

Yvette Menard – yoga teacher

Yvette is thrilled to be the first fully certified Canadian instructor with Warriors at Ease.  She hopes to bring the healing path of yoga to the countless military members, veterans, and their families, who are affected by the stresses of military life.  As a previous member in Reserves and the Regular Force, and a former military spouse, she is well acquainted with the military culture.

Yvette has had many paths on this life’s journey. She has been a Medical Assistant with the Naval Reserves, and a Dental Officer in the Regular Force. In between, she was married to a Canadian sailor, raised two children, and has volunteered in numerous community organizations.

Yvette came to yoga over ten years ago as a form of ‘stress relief’ from the pressures of running a busy civilian dental practice. She has tried Iyengar, Bikram, Hatha, and Yin Yoga. It wasn’t until she was faced with a major crisis as a member of the Canadian military that she found the true power of a dedicated yoga practice.

At a retreat in Mexico, Yvette was blessed to have met several teachers who understood her pain and were able to guide her onto a path of peace. Since then, her practice expanded to become more traditional in the yogic philosophy and practice. Yvette completed the YogaWorks teacher training in February 2012, and has participated in other workshops in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She attended the Warriors at Ease training at the Sivananda Ashram in Bahamas in March 2012, and completed her final certification in January 2013. She currently teaches in her home studio in beautiful Comox, British Columbia, Canada.

Yvette is grateful to her teachers Molly Asebey-Birkholm, Pat Lillis, Annie Okerlin, Catherine Munro, Bryan Hill, Judith McDermid, Chanel Luck and Rebecca Pacheco, among the many other yogis she has met on her path. Each one have taught truths otherwise unknown, and each bring their own light to this world. Their willingness to share and love have healed more than they know.

Contact information:
Email: Yvette @maitriyoga.ca


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