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HostAClassWarriors at Ease (WAE) trains and certifies yoga and meditation teachers to support the well-being of service members, veterans, and their families throughout the world.  Our growing network of teachers spans the U.S., Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.  Our 3 part training program is recognized by Yoga Alliance and counts as Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for registered yoga teachers.

We offer advanced training to yoga teachers who already have a 200 hour certification and to meditation teachers who have a formal certification or a strong personal/professional practice.

Our core course, Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga and Meditation in Military Communities, is a prerequisite for all our other courses.  This training can be accessed via an on-line training course or attended in person through one of our WAE affiliate studios or residential training centers.

Why should I get certified through Warriors at Ease?

WAE teacher training is evidenced-based, trauma-sensitive, and military culture informed.  Our co-founders and faculty were part of the first Department of Defense (DoD) and Veteran’s Affairs (VA) funded research on yoga and meditation.  Our curriculum was born out of their pioneering efforts and is continuously being refined to reflect the most current research and to meet the growing needs of our military community.  Our teachers are highly respected, mind-body professionals who serve the military community in various capacities.

What does it mean to be a WAE Certified Teacher?

WAE Teacher Certification signifies that you have personally demonstrated the core competencies necessary for working safely and effectively with military populations. WAE endorses and recommends certified teachers for yoga and meditation instructor positions on military installations, in VA hospitals and centers, in veteran service organizations, as well as in partner programs.

Teachers may take a portion of our training or attend all parts in order to attain full certification (as described below).  Teachers in training can decide to pursue certification at any point in the journey.

Warriors at Ease Teacher Certification Tracks

Yoga & Meditation Teacher Certification

Yoga Alliance CEUs:  70.5

Those teaching yoga and meditation,  can pursue certification by completing the following training:

  • Level 1:  Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga/Meditation to Military Communities (14 CEUs)
  • Level 2:
    • Teaching Trauma Sensitive Meditation (6.5 CEUs)
    • Advanced Teaching Skills for Combat-Related Injury (25 CEUs)*
  • Level 3:  Mentoring (25 CEUs)

* This course is taught in a residential setting.

Meditation Teacher Certification

Yoga Alliance CEUs:  45.5

Teachers who are only interested in teaching meditation, can pursue certification by completing the following training:


  • Level 1:  Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga/Meditation to Military Communities (14 CEUs)
  • Level 2:  Teaching Trauma Sensitive Meditation (6.5 CEUs)
  • Level 3:  Mentoring (25 CEUs)

 Train, teach & transform.

Explore courses for personal and professional growth.

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Core Training (prerequisite for all other training)

Yoga Alliance CEUs: 14 non-contact hours


  • Seven 90 minute classes via webinars or in-person training
  • At least one 60 minute on-line/phone-in discussion groups with WAE faculty (unless attending an in-person training)

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WAE Level 2

Yoga Alliance CEUs:  6.5 non-contact hours


  • 2 ninety-minute webinar classes (live or recorded) or an in-person training.
  • 1 on-line/phone-in discussion group with WAE faculty

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WAE Level 2

Yoga Alliance CEUs:  25 contact hours

Attendance for this residential training course and practicum involves:

  • Yoga for Trauma, Resiliency and Nervous System Regulation
  • Adaptive Yoga for Traumatic Injury and Invisible Wounds

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WAE Level 2 (elective/not required for certification)

Yoga Alliance CEUs:  8 non-contact hours

Attendance:  This is course involves 4 live and interactive weekly webinars (2 hours each)

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WAE Level 3 (Students eligible for certification upon completion).

Yoga Alliance CEUs:  25 contact hours


  • Complete assigned essay questions (5 double space pages maximum).
  • Read 1 book on recommended reading list and write a 1 page response to the book.
  • Submit 2 class lesson plans for specific populations of interest.
  • Submit 1 video recording of a class for a specified population (for yoga teachers only)
  • Submit 1 recording of a guided meditation
  • Participate in 2 one-hour mentoring conversations.

Please note:

A teacher who completes any Warriors at Ease course will receive a Certificate of Completion for that level of training.  This certificate denotes participation and does not signify that a teacher has integrated the core competencies necessary to be a certified teacher.  Certified teachers are those who’ve successfully completed all three levels of Warriors at Ease training and have worked one-to-one with a mentor who verifies the teacher’s ability to share yoga/meditation in active duty and veteran settings, including healthcare facilities.

Teachers, we're committed to supporting you in serving those who serve.


Yoga and meditation alongside trauma-focused psychotherapy have yielded powerful clinical results. With the help of these practices, warriors are able to regain their grounding and move toward recovery and integration.

~ Captain, US Public Health Services, Clinical Psychologist, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

I LOVE Warriors at Ease teacher training, because you've showed me how I can adapt my classes to support my veteran students more effectively.  No one expects you to give up your style or the yoga lineage in which you've previously trained.

~ Hot Yoga Teacher

I am an active duty Marine and a yoga teacher. I love teaching to fellow Marines in my unit and seeing others' lives transformed by yoga.

~ 1st Lieutenant United States Marine Corps

I recently had a WWII vet in my yoga class, and he told me it was the first time he's really felt "at ease" in decades!

~ Warriors at Ease Teacher

This training made me think about the differences in the military and yoga cultures, which is something I had not thought about before. Learning about these differences was interesting to me, and I see how this understanding is essential to establishing relationship and credibility with military personnel.

~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

The reflective homework offered me the chance to contemplate my own ideas on the topics.

~ Meditation Teacher

I feel better prepared in every way, not only in working with the military but also working with the homeless, bereavement groups, and substance abuse groups.

~ Meditation Teacher

Warriors at Ease has established an inspiring model of collaboration, generosity, and excellence.

                                                                                                                          ~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

I think my world has become bigger because of this course.

~ Yoga Teacher

This course was GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!  Thank you for the untold hours of love and devotion that have gone into developing your work and this class.  It was impeccably organized and packed with useful information. It was a joy to sense how lovingly your team works together.

~ Yoga Teacher

This course was very organized, provided excellent materials, was on-time, and gave me invaluable information about working with the military.  I am so glad I chose to take the course.  I would definitely recommend it to others!

~ Yoga Teacher