The Level 1 Training focuses on an in-depth scope of practice and awareness unique to the evidence-based portion of our four-pronged training approach, “The WAE Techniques”. The emphasis is on utilizing yoga and meditation techniques as tools for students to discover self-regulation by way of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and address cumulative stress, residual stress, and trauma unique to the service lifestyle.

During this training students will explore the evidence-based “WAE Techniques” supported by the knowledge of the neuroscience of the human stress response. Trainees will begin to become familiar with “invisible wounds” including post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, moral injury, and military sexual trauma. This training provides an introduction to the Level 2 Training accessible and adaptive “WAE Protocols”.  Upon becoming a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher (WAET) providers are eligible to deliver both the WAE Techniques and Protocols. 

Dept. Veterans Affairs (VA) & Dept. of Defense (DoD)

Our work within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supporting the Whole Health Initiative gains momentum through equipping internal assets with the necessary skills to fulfill and advocate for the Veteran’s Choice to comprehensive and holistic healthcare. 

If you are a VA, DoD, or a Military/Veteran affiliate entity interested in providing you internal assets with the Warriors at Ease Training please reach out directly to our Training Registrar reg@warriorsatease.org so we can direct you to the most effective program for your organization.

Private Sector, Corporations & Non-for-Profit Organizations

Through the work Warriors at Ease has done and continues to do within military communities our Tailored Training and Retreat (The Resilient Warrior) Structures are designed using a four-pronged education model that is effective, accessible, and inclusive to all populations. 

Our Tailored Training Program is designed to equip internal assets with the scope necessary to fulfill the organizational mission, vision, and goal objectives. “The Resilient Warrior” program, derived from our UNIVERSITY Program, is designed to provide individuals with a toolbox that supports nervous system regulation and mindfulness practice. The program provides an experiential learning environment that fosters a sense of purpose, community, and connection.


This course is 30 hours of continuing education for Registered Yoga Teachers through Yoga Alliance. To view WAE’s current YACEP profile CLICK HERE, this is where you can locate the Level 1 Training Course to apply for your continuing education credits.

This course, when taken in conjunction with the in-person WAE Level 2 training, is 70 hours of Approved Professional Development for the continuing education of Certified Yoga Therapists via the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IATY).