Yoga and Meditation teacher job posting for Camp Pendleton, CA

It’s so great to see positions like this being advertised in the military. Just more validation for yoga and meditation as a viable treatment modality to help our servicemembers; marines, soldiers, airmen with PTSD, TBI (traumatic brain injury) and combat-related stress and illnesses.


Department: Department Of The Navy
Agency: Naval Medical Command
Job Announcement Number: SW10601-07-491149PD997743-D

$42,199.00 – $54,862.00 /year
OPEN PERIOD: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 to Tuesday, July 19, 2011
SERIES & GRADE: GS-0601-07
POSITION INFORMATION: Part Time 20 hours Term NTE 366 Days
DUTY LOCATIONS:Few vacancies – Camp Pendleton, CA

As a Health and Fitness Therapist (Yoga), you will be responsible for providing therapeutic holistic treatment in the area of Yoga and meditation to augment a patient’s individual therapy that is the result of injuries or stress sustained as a result of operational and deployment activities. Major duties and responsibilities:

· Provide accurate instruction in the area of Yoga such as various levels of stretching and relaxation.
· Provide proper instruction in Yoga mat work and dry-land work that is appropriate for the various muscle groups of the body.
· Prepare class format/content appropriate for the type of class and level of participants.
· Lead participants in physical stretching, relaxation exercises and breathing techniques appropriate for the level of the class.
· Independently monitor class participants to ensure proper use of equipment and proper training/exercise techniques.

Visit the USA Jobs website for detailed information and instructions on how to apply.

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