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Operation Remote Resilience our virtual class platform provides Warriors and their families the benefits of evidence-based yoga and meditation from the comfort of their own homes. This virtual class library is designed to navigate students to the class that will best serve them and the experience they are looking for.

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Annual Program Evaluation

The Annual Program Evaluation (TRAIN & TEACH surveys) provide comprehensive and accurate program impact tracking data and outcome evaluation designed to continually improve programs and ensure we are meeting the needs of the population.

Class Descriptions


Taught by Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs). These gentle yoga classes are designed to increase both strength and flexibility while activating the “rest and digest” system to address patterns of stress and tension that restrict overall health. Each class is designed to safely guide you through the process of releasing tension while supporting you to cultivate a regular practice that integrates the efforts of life.


Taught by Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs). Rest and restore at any time of day with this gentle and supportive class designed to address chronic and accumulative physical, emotional and mental stress. We intentionally move much slower and use the support of bolsters, pillows and blankets to allow for the nervous system to fully achieve supported rest which impacts sleep cycles, healthy digestion and other chronic symptoms.


Taught by Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs). In this accessible and adaptable form of yoga, we will focus on harmonizing breath and movement with an emphasis on proper and safe alignment that supports injury prevention, improves core and back strength while increasing joint mobility and decreasing fascial restriction and pain. This practice is perfect for midday relief from sitting at your computer or a winding down at the end of a long day. 


Taught by Warriors at Ease Level 1 Trained Teachers Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs). This simple 10-minute mindfulness meditation is grounding and calming practice supports you to connect with the moment, bring awareness to the breath, which in turn supports us to become more mindful throughout the day, particularly during difficult situations. Discover the power of cultivating a meditation practice with the support of a guide!


Taught by Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs).  These 30-minute classes supports mobility, healthy ligaments and tendons and nervous system regulation using integrative breathing and grounding practices. These classes are perfect to wind down after a long day. 


Taught by iRest© trained and Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs).  This style of guided meditation is grounding, calming and allows you to connect with your inner equanimity. This practice is perfect for any level of meditator — beginners to advanced — and can support you in overall health and wellness when practiced regularly.

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