Serving those who've served

An effective approach to health and healing for service members, veterans and military families

Our growing network of 750+ teachers are sharing yoga and meditation on military installations, in Veteran Administration facilities, in yoga studios, at retreat centers, within Veteran Service Organizations and as part of programs through veteran-friendly colleges, universities, and employers.  Our teachers impact an estimated 16,000 warriors annually.
Warriors at Ease Certified Teachers have the knowledge, skills and ability to integrate evidenced-based, trauma-sensitive practices into a variety of therapeutic settings as well as to support the readiness and resiliency of our active military.
In addition to the individual accomplishments of the dedicated teachers in our Warriors at Ease network, our organization has accomplished the following in 2017:
  • Launched the Train, Teach & Transform program thanks to a $100,000 grant from The Bob Woodruff Foundation
  • Expanded our outreach, adding over 50 free weekly Warriors at Ease yoga classes in communities across the U.S.
  • Provided 92 yoga teacher training scholarships to service members, veterans, and military spouses
  • Facilitated 12 yoga and meditation retreats for warriors impacted by Post-Traumatic Stress and traumatic injury
  • Trained 159 Warriors at Ease Yoga Level 1 Yoga Teachers
  • Empowered 71 Warriors at Ease Level 2 Adaptive Yoga Teachers with the skills necessary to support warriors wheelchairs, those with amputations, and veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Served on the George W. Bush Institute’s Health and Wellbeing Task Force at a National Veterans Convening in Washington, D.C. where we helped outline key priorities and created an action plan to drive improved outcomes for veterans and their families
  • Expanded Veterans at Ease, an innovative mind-body program for veteran university students in collaboration with Manhattan College in New York
  • Further developed and facilitated our pioneering course called Teaching Yoga to Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma
Our blog is full of testimonies about the power of yoga and meditation.
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Committed to the future

We remain dedicated to making yoga and meditation relevant, accessible and effective for warriors and their families by continuing to provide world-class yoga teacher training and expanding mind-body programs in the military and veteran communities.

Warriors at Ease offers yoga and meditation retreats for service members, veterans, and families throughout the year in various locations.  Retreats are free or offered at a discounted rate thanks to our partners and generous donors.

Our growing network of Warriors at Ease teachers offer classes on military installations, in veteran facilities, at community centers and schools, in retreats settings, universities, and at local yoga studios in the U.S. and abroad.

With the support of visionary partners, Warriors at Ease is offering innovative mind-body programs at colleges and universities to support the successful transition of veterans transition into civilian/academic life.

Train, Teach & Transform is a program made possible in part by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring that post-9/11 injured service members, veterans, and their families make a successful transition.


I hadn’t slept more than two hours in a row since Vietnam. That’s a lot of years with no sleep!  With the use of these techniques, I now sleep through the entire night.  I feel like an different person.  My blood pressure also went down from 180 over 110 to 120 over 90.  I’m telling every guy I know about meditation.

~ Willie, Vietnam Vet

I used to feel like I didn’t trust other people.  In meditation, I realized that I didn’t trust myself.  It is helping me feel more calm.  The more calm I feel, the more I see that people are trying their best.

~ Jose, Veteran

I thought that yoga was against my religious beliefs.   Now I see it is as something that deepens my understanding of my faith.

~ Tony, Enduring Freedom Vet

This is the piece that was missing from our PTSD program.  It fits with everything else they teach us, but it also teaches us a way to find our own peace without drugs or counseling that we can use once we get out of the program.

~ Martin, Vietnam Vet

This is the only hour of the week where I want to be inside my own body and mind.

~ Juan, Vietnam Veteran

Meditation makes me feel light again.  When the flashbacks would come, I silenced them with drugs and alcohol and darkness consumed my whole life… In class a few weeks ago, I realized that choosing darkness was my choice.  Now I can choose differently because I feel change is in my hands.  I have a tool of my own to deal with the flashbacks.

~ Jon, Vietnam Vet

Yoga and meditation alongside trauma-focused psychotherapy have yielded powerful clinical results. With the help of these practices, warriors are able to regain their grounding and move toward recovery and integration.

~ Captain, US Public Health Services, Clinical Psychologist, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

I LOVE Warriors at Ease teacher training, because you've showed me how I can adapt my classes to support my veteran students more effectively.  No one expects you to give up your style or the yoga lineage in which you've previously trained.

~ Hot Yoga Teacher

Yoga has given me the tools to deal with stressful situations as they arise, have more restful sleep, and feel an overall strength in mind and body.

~ John, Post 9/11 Veteran

My spouse and I had never tried yoga before and never considered it as something that could bring peace and positivity to our daily lives. After a single class, we were shocked by the healing powers that this practice bestows.

~ Post 9/11 Veteran Family

I am an active duty Marine and a yoga teacher. I love teaching to fellow Marines in my unit and seeing others' lives transformed by yoga.

~ 1st Lieutenant United States Marine Corps

I recently had a WWII vet in my yoga class, and he told me it was the first time he's really felt "at ease" in decades!

~ Warriors at Ease Teacher

This training made me think about the differences in the military and yoga cultures, which is something I had not thought about before. Learning about these differences was interesting to me, and I see how this understanding is essential to establishing relationship and credibility with military personnel.

~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

I feel better prepared in every way, not only in working with the military but also working with the homeless, bereavement groups, and substance abuse groups.

~ Meditation Teacher

Warriors at Ease has established an inspiring model of collaboration, generosity, and excellence.

                                                                                                                          ~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

This course was GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!  Thank you for the untold hours of love and devotion that have gone into developing your work and this class.  It was impeccably organized and packed with useful information. It was a joy to sense how lovingly your team works together.

~ Yoga Teacher

This course was very organized, provided excellent materials, was on-time, and gave me invaluable information about working with the military.  I am so glad I chose to take the course.  I would definitely recommend it to others!

~ Yoga Teacher