Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga & Meditation in Military Communities

Yoga Alliance CEUs:  14 non-contact hours

Who and Why?
This course is designed for several types of yoga and meditation teachers including:
1. Those with no experience with the military who wish to determine if working in a military/veteran community is appropriate for them.
2. Those with no experience with the military but have a very strong desire to be of service to this population.
3. Those who are associated with the military and want to learn how to teach yoga and meditation in a military/veteran setting.

You will learn:

  • The key distinctions between “yogic culture” and “military culture” and why they matter
  • Key facts about military culture, history, structure, values, norms and attitudes
  • Cultural sensitivity skills critical to a teacher’s success and effectiveness
  • Ways to introduce yoga/meditation that enhance your students’ receptivity and focus on the relevance to their concerns
  • How to create a safe learning container and why this is crucial for working with those suffering from trauma
  • A basic understanding of war-related traumatic stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Practical guidelines for working with student’s emotional reactions in class
  • Strategies and tips for initiating a class or workshop series in military facilities and communities

Requirements to earn a Certificate of Completion for this course (and continue to next level of training):

  • Attending an in-person course or listening to all seven 90 minute recorded webinars
  • Participating in at least one 60 minute discussion group with WAE faculty (unless attending an in-person training)
  • Submitting final homework assignment
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