Warriors At Ease Announces New Certification Course for Mind-Body Practitioners

Warriors At Ease Announces New Certification Course for Mind-Body Practitioners

Warriors At Ease Announces New Certification Course for Mind–Body Practitioners

Learn How to Teach Yoga & Mind–Body Modalities in Military Settings
Silver Spring, MD , May 5, 2011- Warriors At Ease CEO Robin Carnes announced today a certification course to provide heretofore unavailable  programs to teach yoga teachers and other mind–body healing practitioners how to teach in military settings. She stated, “At first it may seem there is a contradiction between the military and yoga, but our teaching experience has shown that the practices of yoga, iRest® meditation and other mind–body modalities are helping our soldiers and veterans, even those from the Vietnam war.”

Robin and all faculty member of Warriors at Ease, have extensive experience working with active duty service members, veterans and their families at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington DC; Miami VA Hospitals; Army Reserve Units and other major military polytrauma units. The training focuses on both the art and science of teaching yoga and other mind–body modalities safely and effectively in military settings as an adjunctive treament for a range of challenges, including PTSD , anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

The Warriors at Ease faculty have documented immediate reductions in symptoms
in their military students as a result of employing yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, massage, acupuncture and other body-centered approaches .

As military and veteran hospitals struggle to deal with the needs of  Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers and older veterans, mind–body practices have become a powerful tool, often a lifeline, to help soldiers and veterans cope with injuries, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain and insomnia caused by wartime experiences.

While there is growing openness to incorporating mind–body practices, that integration is just now beginning to spread beyond a few specialized programs.  The military wants to know how to identify mind/body professionals that can work effectively and safely in military settings.

The course, Teaching Yoga in Military Settings, provides fundamental information to experienced yoga teachers on how to deal with the unique new challenges of teaching in a military environment. Certification provides military and veteran healthcare administrators highly qualified mind–body professionals to work with vets and their families. This course also helps yoga teachers understand how to navigate the military healthcare systems and what to expect.
Part One of the course begins June 8, 2011. Visit http://warriorsatease.com/teacher-training/ to find out more information.

About Warriors At Ease – was founded by a consortium of yoga teachers that teach in military settings. As pioneers  in bringing both yoga and mind–body healing modalities to the military culture, both active duty and veterans, they felt a need to share what they have learned. Warriors At Ease is available to consult with military settings looking for  guidance on bringing mind–body modalities into their fold.
Website: www.warriorsatease.com, email: rcarnes @ warriorsatease.com

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