Supporting Veteran-Students

In partnership with Manhattan College in New York and the Sivananda Ashram, we’ve developed a program to support veteran-students called Veterans at Ease.

The challenges of veterans returning to civilian and academic life can be made even more difficult by three underlying concerns including 1) a dysregulated nervous system that can cause symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, difficulty focusing, and mood swings, 2) a lack of purpose or meaning to replace the compelling imperative of military service, and 3) a sense of loss for the camaraderie and unique relational bonds that are a key part of many people’s military experience.  This program was designed to specifically address these concerns as well as the issues common to all university students.

Veteran students who have been a part of this program report that it has helped them to:


  • Successfully transition from the military to civilian and academic life
  • Find meaningful avenues to bond with other veteran-students on and off campus
  • Manage stress, sleep more soundly and stay mentally focused


For more information or to speak to the program director about bringing a Warriors at Ease Veteran University to your University email