Bridging the Gap Retreats

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Bridging the Gap Retreats are a 4-day healing experience for post 9-11 service members, veterans and a spouse, caregiver or primary social support person.  This retreat is focused on improving the well-being of military families.  Participants are invited to experience canine therapy, yoga, equine therapy, outdoor activities and more in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere.  The retreats are held in small group settings that are facilitated by veterans, expert providers (with experience in Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense facilities), Walter Reed volunteers and other non-profit support organizations.  Yoga and mind-body stress management skills are taught by a senior Warriors at Ease Teacher.  These retreats are graciously funded by the Walter Reed Society and offered 4 times/year in various locations in the U.S.

Advanced Yoga & Meditation Retreat

May 5-11, 2017 | Florida

This retreat is a deep dive into the practices of yoga and meditation.  It is open to both veterans and civilians who already have a regular practice and are interested in an advanced retreat.  There will be an orientation towards veterans during group discussions, because we believe veterans have much to share about the individual and collective experience of war and peace.  This retreat is co-facilitated by Swami Kashi, a former Israeli Commando and Molly Birkholm, Executive Director of Warriors at Ease.

R&R Retreats for Women in the Military Community

May 20-21, 2017 | Ka’a’awa (Oahu) Hawaii

Relax & Renew (R&R) Retreats are for female service members, veterans, military spouses as well as Gold Star mothers, daughters and wives.  These short but blissful two-day, one-night retreats are designed to be accessible for mothers who may find it challenging to escape for longer retreats.  Retreats are facilitated by Susan Alden, who is a veteran, military spouse and also the Associate Director of Warriors at Ease.  Retreat participants can enjoy yoga, meditation, art, hiking, ocean adventures and delicious, healthy meals.

R&R Retreats are held multiple times a year in Windward Oahu in settings of 8-10 people.  The retreats are staffed by volunteers and experienced professionals.

Please contact Susan Alden at if you are interested in sponsoring a woman to come to this retreat.  Gifting a retreat is a great way to say “Thank you for your service and sacrifice.”