Warriors at Ease “Teach” Initiative

What is the Warriors at Ease “Teach” Initiative?

Through the Train, Teach & Transform (T3) Program, Warriors at Ease serves service members, veterans and their families at every stage of their health and wellness journey. This program trains yoga and meditation instructors to bring trauma-sensitive, evidence-based yoga and meditation practices to members of the military community in clinical and non-clinical settings; it teaches military members yoga and meditation through free classes taught by WAE teachers; and through data collection from our community, it transforms the way we serve the military population.

The Teach portion of this program focuses on providing as many free yoga and meditation classes to members of the military community as possible. By utilizing our network of teachers, we’re able to:

  1. Expand Warriors at Ease’s reach in military communities across the world
  2. Increase the number of service members, veterans and their families who practice yoga and meditation regularly
  3. Lower the barriers to entry to practicing yoga and meditation by making them free and local to the people we serve

Through this portion of the T3 Program, we not only provide free yoga and meditation classes to military communities, but we pay our incredible network of teachers to facilitate these classes. In paying our teachers, we recognize the years of training and experience they bring to every class, and we value their time and support of the Warriors at Ease mission.

It’s imperative to the success of T3 that Warriors at Ease keeps its network of teachers motivated though compensation, connection, and continuing education. Warriors at Ease is reliant on its teachers to foster and maintain the necessary connection between the organization and it’s students in order to conduct evaluation in the Transform portion of the T3 Program.

To see our list of free classes, please visit our Free Class Page!
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