Mallory Wortham, Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher, Wyoming


Mallory Wortham E-RYT

Mallory Wortham E-RYT

Mallory wandered into a yoga studio at a low time in her life and left the class knowing that she would be doing yoga for the rest of her life. She was certified at CorePower in Fort Collins, CO soon after. She couldn’t contain her passion and opened a studio in Laramie, Wyoming in the summer of 2011. She began the Warriors at Ease certification after a Marine veteran became very dear to her, but was unable to attend her classes.

She has since adapted the WAE training by taking yoga classes to the pool. The support of the water allows students to do so much more with their physical bodies, and any injuries they might have, than a traditional class on a mat.  The water is the prop!  She helps students explore their own boundaries, and the support of the water lets students experiment and improvise, and she is able to work with people with a variety of injuries.

Mallory’s students find her to be very friendly, relatable and a good listener.  Since completing her BA (Fin) and her MBA, she also works as an accountant at a bank.

Mallory will be moving to Casper, Wyomig in the fall of 2013, and will continue to provide safe and comfortable yoga practice to the nation’s warriors.

She is honored to be a part of the WAE community and looks forward to a long relationship with WAE and her students.


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