Dr. Denise Jagroo, PhD is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy.  She has assisted Warriors at Ease in developing and facilitating our pioneering curriculum on Teaching Yoga and Mediation to Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST).  Dr. Jagroo has worked at the Veteran’s Hospital in Manhattan for over 13 years.  She pioneered a pelvic clinic for the VA NY Harbor Healthcare system where she has treated MST patients for over 8 years.  Her clinic is geared toward MST patients and specifically addresses their physical as well as emotional sensitivities and needs.  Dr. Jagroo is extremely proud to serve the female veteran community, and she continues to expand her clinic and her platform to greater serve this population.

Dr. Jungaroo assisted us in developing our pioneering curriculum on Teaching Yoga and Meditation to Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma, a training made possible by the Disabled Veteran’s National Foundation.

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