Audrey N. Schoomaker
Audrey's Professional Photo

Audrey Schoomaker, RN brings years of experience as a Integrative Health Specialist, veteran, and military spouse.  Having served on active duty as an Army nurse and being married to a senior military leader, she had the benefit of healing her chronic low back pain through holistic health practice in the midst of a dynamic lifestyle.  Mrs. Schoomaker has spent years researching the benefits of holistic health practices such as yoga and meditation, and taught therapeutic yoga as adjunct college faculty.  She was the project coordinator for a randomized controlled trial on yoga for back pain and therapeutic yoga and also helped create a Department of Defense website on optimizing human performance using mind body skills.  Mrs. Schoomaker has presented publicly at conferences on the evidence-based benefits of holistic health practices.  She is married to Lieutenant General (Ret) Eric Schoomaker, former Surgeon General of the Army.


Mrs. Schoomaker’s expertise on integrative health, experience with teaching yoga and mindfulness, and perspective on the military community make her well-suited to advise Warriors at Ease on matters related to the health and wellness of warriors and their families. Warriors at Ease is honored to call upon Mrs. Schoomaker as a key advisor.

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