Elizabeth Ries

Elizabeth (Izzy) Ries serves as the RPC in Germany and is a major contributor to an emerging Warriors at Ease project called Mind-Body Fitness for Military Families that will become part of our Train, Teach & Transform program.  Originally from the U.K, Izzy graduated from Trinity College London, with a degree in dance and a degree in theatre.  After graduation, she went on to perform professionally in musicals such as Broadway’s 42nd Street and Buddy Holly.  Upon completion of her performing career, Izzy fell in love with yoga.  She practiced yoga for several years before becoming certified and teaching.  She began offering yoga classes to members of the military community on and off bases throughout the United States.  As a military spouse of 11 years, Izzy noticed the impact her classes had on fellow military wives, as well as service members and military children.  Understanding the challenges military families face, particularly when stationed overseas, Izzy continues to explore innovative ways to share yoga and meditation in the military community, including offering classes and workshops to specifically tailored to military spouses.  Izzy continues her teaching journey by deepening her knowledge of trauma sensitive yoga and meditation through programs such as the Warriors At Ease and Richard Miller’s iRest Yoga Nidra.  Currently stationed in Stuggart with her husband and children, Izzy is passionate about sharing movement, breath, and mindful living with the military community in Germany and throughout Europe.

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