Pam Pence is a Navy brat of a 20 year veteran.  She is a certified iRest Teacher® and also a certified Yoga Therapist through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy as well as Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga RX program.  In addition, Pam is a certified Yoga 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) teacher and has training in trauma and military sensitive yoga teaching through Warriors at Ease.  Pam has been teaching yoga for 13 years.  She teaches yoga and iRest® at a Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Long Beach, California where she has pioneered a 12 week yoga series for survivors of military sexual trauma (MST).  As of 2016, this successful MST program is in it’s fifth year. Pam works alongside VA psychotherapists, providing patients individual and group yoga therapy.  She also integrates various energy medicine processes during her yoga therapy sessions.  At the Long Beach VA facility, Pam also teaches several weekly yoga-for-pain-management classes, and she participates in a committee through the Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation which is contributing toward bringing yoga to VA facilities across the nation.  In addition, Pam has published research on the effects of iRest on the symptoms of MST.

Download Pam’s article Bringing Yoga to the VA published by the Yoga Service Council.

This article describes the Pam’s experience of developing a yoga program in a VA health care system and of the needs and benefits of providing yoga to veterans.  She also discusses the growing openness to complementary and integrative medicine in the VA system and how yoga fits within it.



Pam pioneered a 12 week yoga series for survivors of military sexual trauma (MST).  As of 2017, this successful program is now in it’s sixth year in the Long Beach, California VA hospital.

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