Colonel (Ret) Steve Corcoran

Colonel Steve Corcoran retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2012. During
his 28 years of active service, he commanded from the Platoon to Regimental level,
contributed significantly to numerous wars and operations and was recognized for
distinguished service in combat and heroism in peacetime. Additionally, Steve
served numerous tours at sea with Marine Expeditionary Units (Special Operations
Capable), with Marine Air-Ground Task Forces in Panama, the Balkans, Somalia and
Iraq. He served in positions of national significance with United States Central
Command, United States Special Operations Command and with the Joint Special
Operations Command in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Horn of Africa. He attended
every level of service school attaining academic honors and was an instructor at the
Expeditionary Warfare School and an adjunct instructor with the Marine Corps
Mountain Warfare Center.

Since retiring in 2012, Steve has been the Director of Cyber Strategy for the Telos
Corporation. In this role, he assists the Special Operations Community and the
Intelligence Community with special mission applications and support. He is also a
leadership/mountaineering instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership
School, a certified Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness Search and Rescue
Technician. Steve has been very focused on assisting with Veterans transition
challenges and is the co-creator of Veterans Pivoting to Mobility©; a formalized
training program that helps transitioning veterans successfully leverage their
warrior skills such as adversity and uncertainty, to gain deeper self-awareness and
emotional courage needed to thrive in their next great adventure.



Steve Corcoran is a member of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Retired List.  Use of his military rank and job titles does not imply endorsement by the USMC or the Department of Defense.

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