Through the work Warriors at Ease has done and continues to do within military communities, the WAE Retreat Structure is designed using a four-pronged education model that is effective, accessible and inclusive to all populations.

The Approach was developed over many years by WAE co-founder, Robin Carnes while facilitating retreats for the Manhattan College in The Bronx, NY. It is also a culmination of Robin’s career experience as a corporate trainer, positive psychology coach, group facilitator, health care educator, curriculum developer, retreat leader, creativity and improvisation teacher and yoga teacher, trainer, and yoga therapist.


WAETs are experts in delivering mind-body practices with a therapeutic approach designed to create resilience through post-traumatic growth. The WAE Techniques and Protocols facilitate rapid homeostasis (balance) across all systems effectively managing the bodily responses to stress, giving students the tools to self-regulate the nervous system, in turn making the “Window of Tolerance” more accessible.



Most WAE “The Resilient Warrior” Retreats are closed enrollment. If you are interested in bringing the Resilient Warrior to your community or organization please don’t hesitate to reach out to our University Program Manager,


Join us for the annual WAE “Retreat” Train the Trainer training designed using our four-pronged continuing education model supporting WAE Teacher Leadership to facilitate in a way that is effective, accessible, and inclusive to all populations. The training offers teachers the chance to learn key components necessary for group experiential learning while provided with a framework to create and facilitate retreats and workshops.

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