Train, Teach & Transform

Train, Teach & Transform is a program made possible in part by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF), which is dedicated to ensuring long-lasting positive outcomes for our nation’s wounded, ill, and injured veterans, service members and their families.  Receiving a grant from the BWF is an honor that recognizes the dedication, focus and effectiveness of our staff, volunteers and supporters.  As a grant recipient, our organization joins the Bob Woodruff Foundation grantee network, a collaboration of other top-tier programs and advocates investing in the next chapter of our veterans.

Train, Teach & Transform is a two-fold initiative.  The Train to Teach portion of the program involves providing scholarships to injured veterans and military spouses who want to become Warriors at Ease teachers and actively support other service members, veterans and their families using our evidenced-based, trauma-sensitive approach to yoga and meditation.  The Teach to Transform portion of the program involves strengthening and expanding Warriors at Ease yoga and meditation classes in key regions where there are large populations of service members, injured veterans and military families.

The overall focus of Train, Teach & Transform is to:

1) Provide education and employment opportunities for injured post-9/11 veterans as well as military spouses.
2) Provide alternative therapies that support rehabilitation and recovery and improve quality of life in veteran and military communities

Our key regions for 2017 (being funded by the BWF and other donors) include Texas, Florida, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Hawaii and Tennessee.  These are locations where active duty military reside and areas that also have large populations of veterans, particularly post-9/11 veterans.  We look forward to expanding this program to other key regions in 2018.

“The Bob Woodruff Foundation is thrilled to partner with Warriors at Ease. Our investment underscores the need for, and merit of, alternative therapies, customized to the military veteran population, and employed in partnership with the DoD and VA.”

Dr. Margaret Harrell
Director of Programs and Partnerships
Bob Woodruff Foundation

Train, Teach & Transform is a collaborative effort between Warriors at Ease teachers and trainers, veteran-owned affiliate yoga studios, Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals and centers, as well as other veteran service organizations.  Together, we are working to serve the unique needs of veterans and military spouses in identified key regions in the best way possible.

The Guiding Wellness Institute (GWI) offers 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training that integrates the Warriors at Ease curriculum.  GWI offers these programs in some of our key regions including North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Hawaii.  Post-9/11 injured veterans and military spouses are eligible for scholarships provided by the Bob Woodruff Foundation.  GWI Yoga Teacher Trainings are also eligible for MyCAA funding.

Visit the GWI website and/or contact us for more details.