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The Warriors at Ease Training

Through the Warriors at Ease Level 1 & Level 2 Training the TRAIN Program has created a nationwide network of qualified and credentialed instructors in military-specific, trauma-informed, evidence-based, and adaptive yoga teaching protocols, techniques, and skills. Level 1 Trained Teachers have been through the Level 1 Training while Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers. (WAETs) have completed both levels of training along with multiple post-training competency-based assignments and exams. 

The development of our curriculum began in 2006 when our co-founders and lead faculty were part of early research funded by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that studied the effects of yoga as an adjunct therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Washington D.C. VA Medical Center.  Since then, our curriculum has continued to evolve thanks to the contributions of dozens of clinicians, veterans, and experts in the field of yoga and meditation. This multi-tiered training has been recognized by DoD, VA, and leaders in the yoga and meditation communities. 

Warriors at Ease has trained an expanding network of over 1,100 yoga and meditation teachers across the globe!

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Education of the intricacies and importance of the following subjects in relation to the military community: the anatomy of trauma, military culture, post-traumatic stress (PTS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), moral injury, the polyvagal theory, adaptive yoga for spinal cord injuries/limb-loss/those in wheelchairs/limited mobility, and how to create a ‘Safe Container’ and welcoming environment to support post-traumatic growth.

Level 2 is a comprehensive group learning experience with practicum labs & examination: trauma-informed yoga classes using techniques proved to be safe and effective for the military population., adaptive yoga classes with techniques proved to be accessible for those with spinal cord injuries/limb-loss/those in wheelchairs/limited mobility, teach health and resilience techniques in groups/workshops/individual settings, and Initiate/market/grow a sustainable yoga/meditation program for Warriors with the support of the WAE Network

Level 2 training graduates are given 90 days after they complete the Level 2 training to complete the credentialing and certification process in order to become a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher (WAET) . The credentialing review process consists of a comprehensive examination of the trainees’ ability to construct project/program proposals, generate awareness through marketing channels and expert execution of the Warriors at Ease military-specific, evidence-based, trauma-informed and adaptive teaching protocols and skills.

This combined Level 1 & 2 training will be the most comprehensive offering yet. The training will include unlimited access to the online training materials through Yoga International, the opportunity to participate in a range of Warriors at Ease-style community classes taught by one of the organization’s lead faculty members in a densely populated military community.

This in-person and immersion-style training will allow students to not only take in the information but also see it put into practice while attending classes taught by a Lead Warriors at Ease Faculty Member.

Please take the time to fill out the Meet the Teacher Form! Warriors at Ease want to highlight the teachers with boots on the ground making our mission possible! 

Facilitating a retreat effectively requires a carefully honed curriculum and advanced group facilitation skills. The WAE Train-the-Trainer program offers teachers the chance to learn both of these key components in a weekend training.

After this training, you will be ready to lead WAE retreats for active duty service members, veterans, family members and healthcare providers. You can also use this same curriculum and these leadership skills to lead retreats with civilians, first responders and therapists suffering from stress. In short, most human beings from teens to elders can benefit from these teachings.

Certified WAET Training Offerings

Yoga 911 will be hosted by Chris Davis (WAET & Ret. Ast. Chief of Police) and Kelsy Timas (WAE TRAIN Program Dir.) at the Guiding Wellness Institute.

Yoga911 is designed for yoga teachers who want to effectively teach yoga to First Responders and want to enhance their understanding of the First Responder mindset. In this training, participants will learn valuable mind-body skills to support the health, healing and resilience of First Responders.

2020 Summer Scholarship Program

Warriors at Ease recognizes the financial strain COVID-19 has put on our teachers and the yoga community as a whole. Through our partnership with Yoga Alliance, we are proud to offer one-hundred 20% Scholarships to the Warriors at Ease Level 1 & 2 Training.

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The TRAIN survey is designed to provide continual, comprehensive, and accurate program outcome evaluation designed to continually improve programs and ensure we are meeting the needs of our global military community and WAE Teacher Network.

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