TRAIN Program

The Warriors at Ease TRAIN Program has created a nationwide network of qualified and credentialed instructors in military-specific, trauma-informed, evidence-based, and adaptive yoga teaching protocols, techniques, and skills. Warriors at Ease and our Teacher Network continue to lead the industry in support of both the military and civic sectors maintaining the quality, efficacy, and access to mission-essential training and educational resources. Access to these resources is fundamental to the continued and sustainable health and legacy of our military family. Access to these bottom-up, evidence-based approaches is critical to ensuring both immediate and long term health, resilience, and post-traumatic growth for individuals and communities currently suffering from a loss of connection.

The Warriors at Ease Teacher Network is comprised of over 1,245 specially trained yoga and meditation teachers in 14 different countries around the world! 

Warriors at Ease Training Programs


The Level 1 Training focuses on an in-depth scope of practice and awareness unique to the evidence-based portion of our four-pronged training approach, “The WAE Techniques”. The emphasis is on utilizing yoga and meditation techniques as tools for students to discover self-regulation by way of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and address cumulative stress, residual stress, and trauma unique to the service lifestyle.


During the WAE Level 2 Training and Training Pre-work, trainees will learn to incorporate the evidence-based “WAE Techniques” into an integrative and comprehensive approach for any asana class or therapeutic setting by using the trauma-informed and adaptive “WAE Protocols”. Upon completion of the Level 1 Training trained are eligible to apply to become a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher (WAET).


This combined Level 1 & 2 training (including lifetime access to our virtual Level 1 Training) held at the Guiding Wellness Institute in Fayetteville, NC is our most comprehensive continuing education offering. This in-person and immersion-style training will allow students to not only take in the information but also see it put into practice while attending classes taught by a Lead Warriors at Ease Faculty Member.

Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs) are eligible for contracted service with the organization. The WAET Network’s work involving research, training, and creating access to services over the past 11 years has specifically supported initiatives within the DoD and VHA. The application and review process consists of multiple competency-based exams, assignments, exercises, and industry-standard documentation. 

Internal assets are equipped with the skills and scope necessary to fulfill the organizational mission, vision, and goal objectives. Participants learn to incorporate the Warriors at Ease evidence-based Techniques and trauma-informed Protocols into accessible and adaptable mindfulness-based integrative movement classes and therapeutic settings.

Trainees learn key components necessary for military-specific, evidence-based, trauma-informed, and adaptive group experience facilitation. Trainees are provided with resources to support effective content and integrative experiential practice delivery, and the framework to create experiential learning retreats and workshops.



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