Warriors at Ease “Transform” Initiative

2020 Figures of Progress Update (Updated May 12th, 2020)

Through the Train, Teach & Transform (T3) Program, Warriors at Ease serves service members, veterans and their families at every stage of their health and wellness journey. This program trains yoga and meditation instructors to bring trauma-sensitive, evidence-based yoga and meditation practices to members of the military community; it teaches military members yoga and meditation through free classes taught by WAE teachers in clinical and non-clinical settings; and through data collection from our community, it transforms the way we serve the military population.

What is the Warriors at Ease “Transform” Initiative?

The Transform portion of this program focuses on synthesizing and analyzing the data we collect from our teachers through the Teach portion of the T3 Program, and creating an annual evaluation that will show:

  1. Warriors at Ease’s reach within the military community
  2. The number of people we served in a year
  3.  General demographic information about the people we served
  4. Program efficacy and anecdotal evidence of the benefits experienced by participants

Results from the evaluation will transform our trainings for years to come, based on results and input coming directly from our population. Warriors at Ease will release results from the evaluation each year and use findings to provide continuing education to its teachers and service providers.

By compensating our teachers through the Teach portion of the T3 Program, Warriors at Ease is able to ask more of our teachers. Teachers are required to track their class attendance as well as register their students. By tracking the number of students, Warriors at Ease is able to effectively monitor the reach of our programs. Through new student registration protocols, Warriors at Ease is building its panel (database) of evaluation participants and able to provide a benchmark for population demographics. 

With a panel (database) of students (which will be established in mid-2020), Warriors at Ease will then be able to conduct a full program evaluation. Currently, the organization is working with the Lead Cognitive Performance Coach for the Army Special Warfare Center and School at Ft. Bragg as well as the Clinical Investigator at the Peterson Air Force Base Mental Health Clinic in order to conduct a proof of concept as well as create the program evaluation. Once the program evaluation is complete (end of 2020), Warriors at Ease will publish results on the website every year. More detailed results will be shared with partnering organization, teachers (in the form of continuing education) and funders.

The intent of the evaluation is for Warriors at Ease and partnering organization to learn from our population, understand the reach of our programs, and evaluate the effectiveness of our programs. The evaluation will be used to tailor programs and offerings of both WAE and its partners in order to better support the health and healing of the military community. 

The evaluation will determine which aspects of various injuries, illnesses and challenges found within the military community Warriors at Ease is effectively reducing, which need improvement, and which are considered to have the most negative impact on overall quality of life. Understanding the impact on overall quality of our programs will allow us to focus our resources on those particular aspects that will allow us to continue to improve. 

Warriors at Ease is proud and excited to release our first Annual Report! In this report you’ll hear stories from a few of the people we’re impacted, see how many people we served and learn our vision for the future! Click below to download the full report.

2019 At a Glance

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