Yoga Student Testimonial

“My spouse and I had never tried yoga before, or considered it as a practice we could use to bring peace and positivity to our daily lives.  After a single class, we were shocked by the healing powers that this practice bestows.

It has given us the tools to deal with stressful situations as they arise, have more restful sleeps, and feel an overall strength in mind and body.



 “I gained techniques to help deal with my stress and anxiety and go to my calm place and also ways to relax.”



4) “To be honest at first I thought Yoga was for ladies and not really for me, well at least that was my uninformed opinion, I had always felt that I was good at stretching and staying in balance with my workouts and my overall health. What Yoga did for me was to show me a calmer way to stretch (not the alright, lets get this done and move on to something else), I have learned that through stretching and yes breathing I can perform a better overall body stretch relieving a load of stress and sore muscles. This has allowed me to be calmer and especially in certain situations that demand either my utmost attention or are taking my utmost attention to work through I have a way to address it by doing simple things like breathing and calming myself so I can see the forest through the trees. 

Yoga works, if you let it.”



5) “To whom this may concern

I have been dealing with PTSD for over twenty years and what I have found to be most useful in keeping my symptoms at bay is by continuing to learn how to remain calm in all situations. Yoga is not just a road to calm as it is more like a freeway to calm.  When I began to practice yoga with Yvette Menard, not only did I find that calm through breathing and stretching again.  I was able to use the breathing exercises days to help fall asleep.  The calm attained at one yoga session can last for days.

 Yvette has offered me free private one on one sessions to assist me in feeling comfortable before practicing with others.  One on one yoga definitely assisted in keeping the anxiety of being in a group at bay.
Years ago, before being diagnosed with PTSD I was in a relationship with a yoga instructor and as a result began to practice with her.  When I look back at the years of my life I cannot help but realize that those were my calmest years…….
I highly recommend to all who suffer from stress disorders to try some one on one yoga, if only just to see how they feel after. It is such a benefit to all.”


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