Certified Warriors at Ease Teachers (WAETs)

The Warriors at Ease (WAE) mission and work began in 2009 as early research studies at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as well as VA Medical Centers in Washington D.C. and Miami, involving the use of yoga and meditation as an adjunct therapy. The success of these studies paved the way for the WAE training curriculum. 

The success of our training and the expansion of our Global Teacher Network is creating sustainable access to mindfulness and evidence-based services in support of initiatives within the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) dedicated to the unique needs of the military population.

WAE and our Teacher Network continue to lead the industry in support of both the military and civic sectors maintaining the quality, efficacy, and access to mission-essential training and educational resources. Access to these bottom-up, evidence-based approaches is critical to ensuring both immediate and long term health, resilience, and post-traumatic growth for individuals and communities currently suffering from a loss of connection. The Warriors at Ease three tired (Level 1, Level 2 & Certification) and four-pronged advanced training program is designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and comprehensive skills and to support and serve the world’s specialized military, first responder, and their family member’s populations. 

Upon the successful completion of the Level 1 Training, you will be a Warriors at Ease Level 1 Trained Teacher and be eligible to register and study further the WAE trauma-informed, adaptive and accessible Protocols through our Level 2 Pre-Work and In-person Training course. Once you successfully complete all required coursework and attendance you will be eligible to apply to become a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher (WAET).  

Warriors at Ease Teacher Designation Requirements

WAE Level 1 Trained Teacher

Successfully complete the Online Level 1 WAE Teacher Training (30 Hours) 


Complete the In-person Level 1 Training as part of the Annual Combined Training at the Guiding Wellness Institute.

Important Note:  Anyone may participate in Level 1 training, but only those who are 200 Hr Registered (RYTs) or Certified Yoga Teachers (CYTs) are eligible to advance to the Level 2 Training and apply for Certification.

Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher (WAET)

  • Approved Training & Scholarship Application
    • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
    • Warriors at Ease Level 1 Training Certificate
  • Satisfactorily Complete Level 2 Training Pre-Work (16 Hours)
    • Read Expanded Level 1 Training Manual
    • Competency-Based Exam
    • Elevator Pitch Assignment
    • Example Asana Report
  • Attend an In-person Level 2 Training Event (20 Hours)
    • Satisfactorily Complete Teaching Exercise
  • Satisfactorily Complete Certification Application (4 Hours)
    • Level 2 Competency-Based Exam
    • Example Class – WAE Class Building Worksheet
    • Level 2 Homework Assignment
    • CPR Certification
    • Professional Liability Insurance


  • WAE Level 1 Trained Teacher listing on Find a Teacher webpage
  • Be able to use the WAE Level 1 Trained designation & badge
  • Become a part of an active community of teachers around the world who are connected via a private Facebook group and teachers-only newsletter
  • Promote Warriors at Ease classes via our social media channels
  • EALRY access to informational webinars, discussion groups, and continuing education exclusively for Warriors at Ease teachers
  • The opportunity to become a Certified Warriors at Ease Teacher (WAET)


  • WAET listing on the Find a Teacher webpage
  • Internal teacher listing eligible for contracted work with the organization
  • Access the WAET Shared Google Drive containing research publications and marketing materials.
  • Eligible to apply for the Faculty & Facilitator Training Pipeline
  • Be able to use the WAET designation & badge
  • Become a part of an active community of teachers around the world who are connected via a private Facebook group and teachers-only newsletter
  • Promote Warriors at Ease classes via our social media channels
  • FREE access to informational webinars, discussion groups, and continuing education exclusively for Warriors at Ease teachers

Begin the journey.

Embark on our training and become a part our community of teachers.

Are you already a Warriors at Ease teacher? 

As of April 23rd, 2018, Warriors at Ease moved to a new certification model.  For guidance on how to continue your training and/or maintain your certification with us, please contact us.

We are offering current WAE teachers the opportunity to take our NEW on-line Level 1 Teacher Training available through Yoga International for only $150.  This significantly reduced price is available to any WAE teacher who has previously taken a course with us. 

To take advantage of this special offering: CLICK HERE.


No doubt a wonderful training. They really care about their soldiers and the training is very current! Love it.

~ Nicole Morey, WAE Teacher

I love this organization and all that it stands for. It's an honor to serve the mission together.

~ Kelsy Timas, Founder of the Guiding Wellness Institute

As a Level II WAE teacher, I've had the chance to experience both the remarkably thorough and well-curated online content (Level I) and the amazingly condensed, salient, and impactful in-person training (Level II).

~ Andie Kramer, WAE Certified Teacher

I am so thankful to have found Warriors at Ease. After retiring from the Air Force after 26 years of service I felt a little lost and rudderless. WAE provided outstanding teacher support long after the training ended and with their help I was able to teach two yoga and meditation classes this week. Through this organization I have met some wonderful friends and feel like I have found a new home.

~ Carolyn Patrick, WAE Certified Teacher

Warriors at Ease is an amazing program where you become part of a tribe dedicated to serving those that have served us! I love everything about this organization from their trainings to their support they offer afterwards. I am so excited to be on this path with this program and look forward to the great journey ahead. With so much Gratitude ?

~ Stacy Kyhl, WAE Teacher

A comprehensive training that covers multiple angles of military culture. From this training I not only feel like a better informed and prepared yoga teacher, I feel like a better citizen informed and appreciative of our military and it’s culture. The nature of this training’s materials that included interviews and first hand experience of service members took it to an even higher level. Wonderful organization and informed training.

~ Michelle Lynch, WAE Certified Teacher

I highly recommend this training to our teachers who are interested in working with military, veterans and first responders. WAE is a supportive network of highly trained instructors, outstanding in every way!

~ Janel Norton, WAE Certified Teacher

Yoga and meditation alongside trauma-focused psychotherapy have yielded powerful clinical results. With the help of these practices, warriors are able to regain their grounding and move toward recovery and integration.

~ Captain, US Public Health Services, Clinical Psychologist, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

I LOVE Warriors at Ease teacher training, because you've showed me how I can adapt my classes to support my veteran students more effectively.  No one expects you to give up your style or the yoga lineage in which you've previously trained.

~ Hot Yoga Teacher

I am an active duty Marine and a yoga teacher. I love teaching to fellow Marines in my unit and seeing others' lives transformed by yoga.

~ 1st Lieutenant United States Marine Corps

I recently had a WWII vet in my yoga class, and he told me it was the first time he's really felt "at ease" in decades!

~ Warriors at Ease Teacher

This training made me think about the differences in the military and yoga cultures, which is something I had not thought about before. Learning about these differences was interesting to me, and I see how this understanding is essential to establishing relationship and credibility with military personnel.

~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

The reflective homework offered me the chance to contemplate my own ideas on the topics.

~ Meditation Teacher

I feel better prepared in every way, not only in working with the military but also working with the homeless, bereavement groups, and substance abuse groups.

~ Meditation Teacher

Warriors at Ease has established an inspiring model of collaboration, generosity, and excellence.

                                                                                                                          ~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

I think my world has become bigger because of this course.

~ Yoga Teacher

This course was GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!  Thank you for the untold hours of love and devotion that have gone into developing your work and this class.  It was impeccably organized and packed with useful information. It was a joy to sense how lovingly your team works together.

~ Yoga Teacher

This course was very organized, provided excellent materials, was on-time, and gave me invaluable information about working with the military.  I am so glad I chose to take the course.  I would definitely recommend it to others!

~ Yoga Teacher