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“Warriors at Ease is offering a very different and unique approach that so many of our veterans respond well to during the recovery and beyond.  DVNF is proud to be a partner of WAE in the work they’re doing to help veterans heal!”

Joseph VanFonda

USMC Sgt.Maj. Ret.
CEO, Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF)


Warriors at Ease Affiliate Yoga Schools and Continuing Education Providers have embedded the Warriors at Ease Level 1 & 2 Training to their 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training pipeline. Warriors at Ease Affiliate the Yoga Schools & Training are registered with Yoga Alliance with a proven curriculum and track record for producing qualified credentialed instructors.

WAE Network Resources to Affiliate Programs

30% Level 1 Training Scholarship
Upon completion of an approved Annual Teacher Network, Update teachers will be given access to resources as part of the Annual Teacher Network Welcome Letter. | TEACHER NETWORK APPLICATION >

Affiliate Network Resources to WAE Programs


Warriors at Ease offers our Level 1 Training at a discount to these organizations’ teachers who are facilitating free yoga classes for the military community. By providing the Warriors at Ease training to these organizations and their teachers the organizations are ensuring the classes provided are military-specific, evidence-based, trauma-informed, and accessible.



Warriors at Ease Affiliate Yoga Studios and Universities offer at lease one weekly or monthly yoga class free to the military population and host one Warriors at Ease training annually.


Warriors at Ease will be eternally grateful to all of the individuals who have and continue to support the Warriors at Ease mission and bring opportunities for health, resilience, and connection to the military community.

The SpartanNash Foundation was formed following the merger of the Nash Finch Company and Spartan Stores and is focused on providing grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners in the communities they serve.  The SpartanNash Foundation is the charitable giving arm of their company, representing the best of it predecessors, the NFC Foundation and the Spartan Stores Foundation.  The SpartanNash company is a wholesale food distributor that provides product for military commissaries and exchanges.  They are proud to serve American heroes and their families, at home and abroad, providing popular grocery products so military commissaries and exchanges can deliver a familiar shopping experience to military personnel, regardless of where they are stationed.

“The Spartan Nash Foundation supports initiatives that make impactful differences in the lives of our military service personnel, veterans, and their families. It has been our privilege to partner with Warriors at Ease and support their evidence based practices which advance health and healing for over 100,000 people with PTSD and other service related disabilities. Our funding has enabled Warriors at Ease to increase their volunteer training to over 725 instructors, as well as raise awareness for the incredible healing therapies they deliver every day.”

Meredith Gremel
VP, Corporate Affairs & Communications
Executive Director, SpartanNash Foundation

Yoga International (YI) is one of our strategic partners.  They are an award-winning resource dedicated to yoga and meditation, holistic health and mindful living.  With their incredible support, Warriors at Ease is redesigning our core curriculum into a new and improved, high-quality course that will soon become more accessible to yoga and meditation teachers around the world.  We are grateful for their passion to help expand our Warriors at East network so that we can have a deeper impact on service members, veterans and their families.  Learn more about Yoga International and experience some of the exceptional classes available via this on-line platform for health and personal growth:

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) exists to provide critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded—physically or psychologically—after defending our safety and our freedom.  Thanks to a generous grant from DVNF, Warriors at Ease was has been able to develop and launch our newest course Teaching Yoga and Meditation to Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma.


Serving Those Who Serve

The Warriors at Ease Mission is to bring the power of yoga and meditation to the military community through training, partnerships, programs, and advocacy. The WAE Affiliate program falls under the partnerships and advocacy portion of our mission. As part of our dedication to the efficacy, access, sustainability of a network of qualifies and credentialed service providers (1) Affiliate Networks automatically qualify for scholarships to the WAE Training and Certification programs, (2) While the WAE Teacher Network is provided access to additional evidence-based, trauma-informed, and accessible education and services through Affiliations.

WAE has been involved from the inception of and is the only organization in the yoga industry that uses yoga as an adjunct therapy for the military population. The WAE co-founders were the teachers at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers in Washington D.C. and Miami in 2009 in the original research studies centered around the use of yoga and meditation as an adjunct therapy to combat-related injuries and illnesses. In response to the success of that clinical research, WAE devoted 2010 – 2018 to educating specially-trained teachers (WAETs) with the knowledge and skills to share yoga and meditation through safe, effective, and relevant methods for warriors and their families. After the Department of Veterans Affairs launched the Whole Health Initiative in 2019, WAE was the organization they relied on to train instructors at their whole health flagship locations.  

WAE continues to lead the military-specific, evidence-based, and trauma-informed yoga continuing education and training industry by maintaining quality, efficacy, and access to mission-essential resources. Our work over the past 11 years has created and maintained worldwide access to free classes taught by a sustainable network of Certified WAE Teachers (WAETs – credentialed, qualified, service-provider teachers).