Tailored Training Programs

The Warriors at Ease (WAE) mission and work involving research, training, and creating sustainable access to mindfulness and evidence-based services over the past 11 years have specifically supported initiatives within the DoD and VHA dedicated to the unique needs of the military population. As policy has made progress in addressing these needs, WAE has led the industry in support of both the military and civic sectors maintaining the quality, efficacy, and access to mission-essential resources. Access to these resources is fundamental to the continued and sustainable health and legacy of our military community.

As our work has advanced, our partnerships grow through this unique approach to equip, empower, and protect the force through internal education services and management that are effectively adaptable to support long-term initiatives. This tailored training approach is designed to equip internal assets with the scope necessary to fulfill the organizational mission, vision, and goal objectives.

During a tailored training program participants will learn to incorporate the Warriors at Ease evidence-based Techniques and accessible Protocols into mindfulness-based integrative movement classes for service providers, service-members, veterans, and military family members.

In the interest of meeting the current program needs for quality execution, measurable outcomes, and fiscal responsibility, Warriors at Ease highly recommends this tailored, scalable asset approach.



Specialized education and training to internal and scalable assets with a comprehensive multidisciplinary delivery structure.

  • The Anatomy of Physical, Mental & Emotional Stress
  • The Anatomy of Integrative Movement
  • The Neuroscience Behind Performance, Resilience & Recovery


Support organization mission and internal assets to effectively implement scalable delivery of teaching Protocols & Techniques; (Five integrative movement class sequences for each phase; performance, resilience, recovery.)

  • Creating and Strengthening Neural Pathways
  • Rapid Body and Brain Homeostasis
  • Increased Attention, Focus & Acuity
  • Reduced Injury, Accelerated Recovery & Continued Performance

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