Teacher Spotlight – Eric S

Teacher Spotlight – Eric S

Eric S.
Seven Year U.S. Army Veteran
Level 1 Trained Warriors at Ease Teacher

What motivated you to become a yoga teacher?
I have practiced yoga since I was a child and was inspired by a friend to go to India to certify as a Yoga teacher after I got out of the military. While training to get my certification, I noticed how much it helped with my injuries sustained in the military and decided I wanted to do non-profit work guiding Yoga to help other injured vets.

What motivated you to become a Warriors at Ease Teachers?
I wanted more resources and skills to help guide veterans in Yoga and help them experience the benefits.

What is your connection to the military?
Yoga is becoming a part of the military community slowly but surely. We would often use Yoga during warm-ups and cooldowns. There are lots of studies that show asanas help with musculoskeletal injuries (which are a huge detriment to military readiness), and meditation/deep breathing has shown to be very helpful with a variety of emotional and mental injuries. It has helped me a lot, and I wish I would have taken it more seriously during my time in service.

What is your favorite yoga posture?
Astavakrasana (8-angle pose) because it is a relatively easy pose to teach and looks very cool. I notice that a lot of people are turned off from Yoga because they think that only acrobats can pull off the poses but showing them how to do this pose often helps boost their confidence.