Dominic Stanley

Dominic is a current member of the New Mexico National Guard where he has served for the last 19 years. During his tenure, he has served in multiple roles. His most recent being the First Sergeant for the 210th Red Horse Squadron. He has deployed various times during this tenure in support of numerous operations. He has concurrently balanced his commitment to the country with his professional career working at T-Mobile. He functions in his civilian career as Senior Customer Experience Manager where he focuses on leading and managing the end-to-end customer experience for various areas of the business. Dominic holds a bachelor’s degree in information security systems and currently completing his graduate degree (MBA).

Dominic found yoga after his deployment to Iraq in 2015. He started his journey by taking classes to improve his anxiety and flexibility and found the inner work to be profound. This experience motivated him to want to share the practice and become a teacher.

“Yoga as a practice is something I realized early on checks all the boxes for me in life. It is home to my physical movement practice; while it is not my only movement practice, it is my ritual one. It offers me a place to explore introspection through deep meditation and breathwork. It offers me a place to learn and share what I know about the mind-body connection. I prefer to explore various ideas and concepts, choosing to keep the best parts of them and discarding the rest, which is what you will find in my teaching and movement style. I hope to have an opportunity to meet you on the mat and meet you on your journey towards remembering your wholeness.”

As a yoga and meditation teacher Dominic has worked with various modalities to him improve his skills as a student and as a teacher.

2018- 200hr Barkan Yoga (Bikram Lineage)

2019-Certified Empower Movement w/ Kelly Green (30hr)

2019-Ashtanga/Rocket, Level 1 w/ Carson Calhoun (50hr)

2019-Warrior @Ease Level 1 (30hr)

2020-iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 (30hr)

2020-Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

2022-Breathing for Yoga| Oxygen Advantage Instructor (100hr)

2022-iRest Yoga Nidra Level 2 (33hr)