Christina Hickey
Christie Hickey

Christina Hickey

Executive Director & Assistant Faculty

Christina Hickey studied at Columbus State University in Georgia before receiving her MBA from the University of North Carolina. She brings over a decade of experience from both private and military non-profit sectors. Christina has been teaching trauma-informed, evidence-based yoga for the military community since 2016; working with THOR 3 at 10th SFG(A) in Colorado Springs as the Integrative Movement Specialist (Yoga Instructor), designed and lead an 8-week cadent yoga teacher training program for the United State Air Force Academy (USAFA), and trained the adaptive and trauma-informed instructors at the Colorado Springs Veterans Administration.

Christina’s upbringing was heavily influenced by both yoga and the military. Her grandfather served over twenty years in the Navy, her father served over twenty years between the Navy and the Air Force, her stepfather is a retired Marine, her mother served in the Air National Guard, and Christina’s husband is active-duty Army.

Christina’s yoga practice and Warriors at Ease training have been a vital tool in helping her navigate life as a military spouse and providing families with tools designed to establish practices that support integration during both pre and post-deployment times.

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