Laurie Knight

Laurie Knight – Assistant Faculty Member

had an early interest in human behavior, achieving a degree in psychology and a Master’s in education, but felt there was a piece missing: the body. She learned early on through grief and loss the way the body felt and actually experienced how the body held on to memories that the mind and brain did not. This was part of what urged her to pursue yoga and advanced studies in trauma. Married to a combat Veteran, Laurie began attending training and workshops that blended movement, meditation, and education to shine a light on the science behind these felt experiences. A teacher at heart, she began to tailor her offerings more on the education-side.

Laurie became involved in Comeback Yoga in 2014, a Colorado non-profit providing free yoga to Veterans and their support systems. Now a board member, she continues this service. In 2017, her husband founded another non-profit called Fight Oar Die, an ocean rowing Veteran organization with mental health initiatives. In 2019, Laurie became trained in the international organization, Mental Health First Aid, in order to help people understand the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges and crises, along with the urging of people to begin talking about mental health. The idea is that if we talk about it, we can normalize mental health struggles.

Laurie is also a certified facilitator for the Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy program called Overcome! This is an evidence-based approach to teaching regulation of the nervous system. She is the Denver lead faculty of the “Earth Element,” the first of a three-part sequence to certification. Laurie is able to provide such support to others as she is passionate about serving. Laurie spends her free time connecting with friends and family or loving on her dogs.

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