Luke Taiclet

Luke will support furthering and maintaining the WAE mission and vision through curriculum refinement and development. Luke is an Army Veteran and a long time meditation practitioner. Luke has a Masters of Education in Higher Education with concentrations in Curriculum Development and Adult Pedagogy. Luke held assistantships in a graduate research center where one of his duties was crafting raw research data and drafts into publishable articles. As an undergraduate Luke had the opportunity to teach undergraduate history sections under close mentorship by an acclaimed history professor. He continued to teach undergraduate classes as a graduate student, including the coordination of undergraduate courses in Higher Education and supervising undergraduate interns in the History department. Luke retired from Penn State after 35 years of service holding positions such as Director of University Facilities and Director of Finance and Business for a Regional Campus. Areas of responsibility included finance, facilities management, operations, human resources, police and safety, risk management, procurement and planning. While an administrator Luke continued to teach college classes.

In retirement, in addition to WAE, Luke works with a regional food security initiative called 412 Food Rescue and is currently serving on the local Borough Council. He is an active yogi and teaches meditation and yoga nidra classes as well as meditation workshops in the Pittsburgh area.